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Premium wall slats from Decotella installed in a modern living room with a grey couch and colorful pillows

Transform your interior with our Wall Slats

Advantages of Decorative Slats

Decorative wall slats are a brilliant way to emphasize the character of any interior. Thanks to their vertical form, they optically enlarge the space. In addition, they have a positive effect on the acoustics of the room thanks to their soundproofing abilities.


The walls finished with the slats, visually warm the interior, contrasting with other materials that were used for the finishing. The installation of our wall panels requires minimal effort, but the effect that we achieve after the work is done is breathtaking!

Huge living room with a partition wall made of wall slats

Where should you use them?

Hotel & Spa reception covered with Decorative Wooden Wall Slats

Decorative wall slats are an excellent choice for any type of room. They blend in perfectly with modern arrangements, breaking the severity of industrial or Scandinavian trends. Wood also perfectly harmonizes with the classic interior, while emphasizing its unique character.

The high aesthetics of the panels means that they are often chosen as wall finishing in rooms such as a living room or bedroom. However, it is worth noting, that the stylish look goes hand in hand with functionality. The high quality of our products means that you can also use them in finishing utility rooms in your home. Thanks to our wall panels, your kitchen or bathroom will take on an extraordinary design!



  • Made of high-quality MDF Plus board. It guarantees long-term use of the product,


  • Length: 275 + 5 cm free *

  • Width: 2.9 cm

  • Depth: 4 cm


      * Due to the possibility of damaging the edges of the slats during transport, the slats are not formatted. Therefore, we add a free 5 cm to each panel. The edges of the panels can be trimmed by yourself.


  • Length: 240 cm

  • Width: 1.4 cm

  • Depth: 1 cm


  • Available in 21 colours, they perfectly match interiors with various purposes and decorated in various styles,

  • Any spacing (optimal spacing is 3 cm),

  • You need 17 slats for every 1 m of wall (width), assuming you will use a standard 3 cm gap between the slats. You will require more slats if you want a smaller gap.

  • Easy and durable assembly provided by mounting strips,

  • Improving the acoustics of the interior.

cross-section of a wall slat

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