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How to install your wall slats?


Step number 1 of installing Decotella wall slats

1. We designate the place of installation of the panels. We set the vertical or horizontal level for the mounting strip.
REMEMBER! The installation of the first panel affects the position of each subsequent panel.

Step number 2 showing how to install slatted wall panels from Decotella

2. With the help of a spacer or measuring tape, we mark the parallel position of subsequent mounting strips.

Third step of the process of installation of decorative wall slats from decotella

3. Using small screws, screw in the mounting strip in the previously designated places. Use assembly glue if necessary.

Step number 4 showing how to attach the slats onto a mounting strip

4. The slat should clip on by simply applying a little pressure on the panel. Use mounting glue if necessary.

picture showing a complete process of installation of Decotella wall slats

5. Attach the panels to mounting strips.

Although mounting our panels is very easy, not everyone will feel comfortable enough to do it themselves. This is why, we also offer fitting service to help our customers. If you wish to avail from this service please let us know before your purchase. The price depends on the project.

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