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Apartment with a balcony and a TV wall with an INSERT 1200 Bioethanol fireplace

Modern Fireplace in your Home !

Infire Bioethanol Fireplace series

Built-in bio fireplace with real fire
Infire Frame 1200 bioethanol fireplace in black
Cozy room with a grey wall and a bioethanol fireplace built-in.

Infire Series

INFIRE - a more exclusive, wide range of fireplace products: free-standing, hanging, portals and built-in fireplaces. Large variety of shapes and colors will allow you to adapt to practically every interior. A lot of details, tempered glass, stainless steel fireplaces, original designs and very affordable price create a great offer.

Simple Fire Series

SIMPLE FIRE- a series of fireplaces with a very simplified structure. Large selection of hanging fireplaces with a width from 50cm to 180cm, corner fireplaces and
cassettes. Decorative frames available in several colors.
A solid product aimed at customers who are looking for a simple solution.

Slim Line Series

SLIM FIRE - the highest line of our products, starting with black burners sold separately, to inserts and burners with minimalist frame, ending with double-sided 2SIDE fireplaces.
The maximum length of the fireplace in one fire line is 150 cm!

Freestanding INCIRCLE bioethanol fireplace with a chimney pipe

INFIRE Bioethanol Fireplaces

INFIRE are fireplaces that use biological liquid fuel. Enjoy real fire in houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels and all other interiors, because our solution does not require a chimney or dedicated ventilation systems. The INFIRE bioethanol fireplace means comfort and safety wherever you want.

We have a constantly growing range of different types of bio-fireplaces, depending on the location: for apartments, houses, on the terrace, in the garden and according to the use: free-standing, corner and typical built-in. We also produce custom-made bio-fireplaces. Infire is a direct manufacturer with its own production and technological line. Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in Poland.

Bio Fireplace for different locations

Bio Fireplaces and their application

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