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Many of our customers often ask: "how many slats do I need?". The answer is pretty simple but first you need to ask yourself - what is the gap between the slats that I want?
Below, you can find few photos with wall slats that are fitted with few different gap sizes. 
The standard gap is 2 or 3 cm in between the slats.

How do we actually calculate the amount required? Ok, let's say that my wall is 1.4m wide and 2.5m high and I want a 2 cm gap between the slats. Since the slats are 2.75m long, you don't have to worry about the height. Let's concentrate on the width. 1.4m is simply 140cm, so:

140cm - width of the wall

2.9cm - width of the slat

2cm - width of the gap that I want

140cm ÷ (2.9 cm+2cm) = 29


So, in this case you will need 29 slats


3 cm gap examples below

Wall slats panel with 3 cm gap
Second image of Wooden wall slats with visible 3 cm gap in between the slats

2 cm gap examples below

Dark Canadian Oak panels in a living room
natural oak wall slats on a dark wall
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